Statement from the Director on Police Violence Against the Black Community

The George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center supports the efforts of activists around the country in the movement for Black Lives and in opposition to police violence against African Americans. Both Black activism and state violence against the Black community were and are at the heart of the Civil War and the freedom struggle that continues to this day. Understanding this history and actively working for a just and equal society is central to the mission of the Richards Center. There are many ways that our community can support the movement for Black Lives such as registering to vote, completing the census, donating to bail funds for protesters, and contributing to Black Lives Matter and the Poor People’s Campaign. At the Richards Center, we endorse the sentiments expressed by Penn State President Eric Barron and College of the Liberal Arts Dean Clarence Lang, but we also know words are not enough. We pledge to increase our investment financially and programmatically in the fight for freedom and democracy and against the system of white supremacy, in academia and beyond.