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Moyra Williams Eaton
Moyra Schauffler

Moyra Williams Eaton

Ph.D. Candidate
108 Weaver Building, University Park, PA 16802


  • MA, Villanova University 2020
  • BA, Dickinson College 2015


Moyra Williams Schauffler is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. Her research interests include the politics of veterans’ welfare in the long nineteenth century, state-building, and histories of material culture, the built environment, and historic preservation. Her dissertation, “Constructing a ‘Comfortable Harbour’: The United States Naval Asylum and the Systemization of Veterans’ Care in the Nineteenth Century,” traces the development of systematized veterans’ care through the establishment, opening, and operation of the U.S. Naval Asylum in Philadelphia between 1810 and the early 1870s.