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Civil War Era Workshops

Each fall and spring, the Richards Center and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) We the People Challenge Grant sponsor a series of workshops on topics in the Civil War era for students and faculty. These workshops familiarize students with the research process by bringing senior scholars from around the country to Penn State to discuss their works in progress. Graduate students have also been invited to share their work or serve as commentators. Through the workshops, the Richards Center has a hand in encouraging the latest research in the Civil War era.

Upcoming Workshops

February 28-29, 2020, Nittany Lion Inn – Dr. Amy Kohout (additional details forthcoming)

March 21-22, Nittany Lion Inn – McCabe Greer Manuscript Workshop – Dr. Traci Brynne Voyles, Bound for the Sky: California’s Salton Sea, Settler Colonialism, and New Environmental Histories of Disasters

April 5-6, 2018, Nittany Lion Inn – McCabe Greer Manuscript Workshop – Dr. Patricia Marroquin Norby, Water, Bones, and Bombs: Twentieth Century American Indian Art and Environmental Conflict in the Southwest

February 24, 2017: 3:30 pm, 102 Weaver Building: Disbanding the Army of Northern Virginia: From Soldier to Civilian

January 30, 2017: 9:00 am – 12 pm, 216 Willard Building: Emerging Scholar Speaker Series (Week One)

October 7, 2016: 1:30 pm, 102 Weaver Building: Public talk with Christina Snyder: Great Crossings: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in the Age of Jackson.

November 6, 2015: 12:00 noon, 102 Weaver Building: Tiya Miles book discussion – The Cherokee Rose: A Novel of Gardens and Ghosts.

October 16, 2015: 4:00 p.m., 102 Weaver Building: Public talk with Adam Rothman, “Beyond Freedom’s Reach: A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery.”

September 18, 2015,  4:00 p.m., 102 Weaver Building: Public talk with David Langbart, “Conducting Research at the National Archives: Hints for Research Success.”

Thavolia Glymph, Sasha Turner, Melanie Newton
Thavolia Glymph, Sasha Turner, Melanie Newton (11-8-13)

October 9, 2014, 7:00 p.m., Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building, Penn State, University Park: 50th Anniversary Commemorating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with Reverend Jim Lawson.

January 30, 2014, 2:00 pm: Ellen Garvey, Professor, New Jersey City University, “Hidden Histories: African American Scrapbooks Talk Back to the White Press in the 19th Century.” Talk to be held in Foster Auditorium, 102 Paterno Library.

April 4-5, 2014:  New Perspectives on Violence and Revolution in the African Diaspora with keynote speaker Dr. Sibylle Fischer, New York University.

11/15/13: Pete Daniel, retired from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, “Dispossession: Discrimination again African American Farmers in the Age of Civil Rights.”

11/8/13: Sasha Turner, Richards Center/Africana Research Center Post-Doctoral Fellow, manuscript work, “Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing and slavery in Jamaica, 1788-1834” with invited reviewers Thavolia Glymph, Associate Professor African & African American Studies, Duke University, and Melanie Newton, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto.

3/21/13: Will Bryan, Penn State doctoral candidate, dissertation workshop, “Nature and the New South: Economic Development in an Age of Conservation, 1877-1929”

3/15-16/13: Emerging Perspectives on Race and Gender in the Nineteenth-Century United States with keynote address by Daina Ramey Berry, Associate Professor of History and African and African Diaspora Studies and George W. Littlefield Fellow in American History, University of Texas, Austin. (workshop program)

3/1/13: Jessica Johnson, Richards Center/Africana Research Center Post-Doctoral Fellow, manuscript workshop, “Freedom, Kinship, and Property: Free Women of African Descent in the French Atlantic, 1685-1810” with invited reviewers Emily Clark, Clement Chambers Benenson Professor in American Colonial History, Tulane University, and Jennifer Morgan, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, History, New York University.

10/25/12: Sean Trainor, Penn State doctoral candidate, “Hair!: A History of Men’s Grooming in the United States, 1789-1865”

2/17/2012: Antwain Hunter, Penn State doctoral candidate, “Crimes, Politics, and Rebellions Real and Imagined:  Slaves, Free Black People, and Firearms in the South, 1800-1865”

3/25/2011: Jerry H. Bentley, University of Hawaii, “Cosmopolitan Praxis in World History”

3/24/2011: Jerry H. Bentley, University of Hawaii, graduate student workshop “Recent Research Trends in World History and Publishing in Journal of World History

3/18/2011: Cathy Gere, University of California, San Diego, “Utilitarianism and Empire”

2/18/2011: Alison Games, Georgetown University, “Anglo-Dutch Relations in the East Indies and the “Massacre” at Amboyna (1623)”

4/9/2010: Tobias Brinkmann, Penn State, “Fighting for Emancipation: The Chicago Jewish Community and the Civil War”

4/2/2010: Andrew Prymak, Penn State doctoral candidate, “Honorable Contracts and Treasonous Notes: Debts and Loyalty in the Civil War Era State”

3/5/2010: David Greenspoon (’12), “Bringing Up Benevolence: Missionary Appeals to Children in Antebellum America”

12/4/2009: Nancy Bercaw, University of Mississippi, “Science and Citizenship: African American and Indian Bodies in Post-Emancipation America”

10/2/2009: Gary W. Gallagher, University of Virginia, “The North’s Civil War: Union and Emancipation in Wartime and Retrospect”

9/11/2009: David Langbart, The National Archives and Records Administration, “Navigating the National Archives”