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Image of The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era Cover

The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era

The Brose Distinguished Lecture Series was endowed by Steven ('69) and Janice Brose to encourage senior scholars to explore fresh ways of considering the Civil War era. Each Brose speaker comes to Penn State's University Park campus and delivers three lectures over the course of three days centered on a theme chosen by the speaker.

In order to share this work with the public and the greater academic community, the Richards Civil War Era Center has partnered with the University of North Carolina Press to publish expanded versions of these talks as the Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era. Richards Center Director William Blair serves as editor of this innovative book series.

The Second American Revolution: The Civil War-Era Struggle Over Cuba and the Rebirth of the American Republic

Gregory P. Downs


Judith Giesberg

Sex and the Civil War: Soldiers, Pornography, and the Making of American Morality

Judith Giesberg


Tales from the Haunted South: Dark Tourism and Memories of Slavery from the Civil War Era 

Tiya Miles


The World the Civil War Made

Gregory P. Downs and Kate Masur, editors


Richard Blackett - Making Freedom

Making Freedom: The Underground Railroad and the Politics of Slavery

Richard J. M. Blackett


Carol's Brose book cover

With a Sword in One Hand and Jomini in the Other

Carol Reardon



Lincoln's Proclamation:  Emancipation Reconsidered

William A. Blair and Karen Younger, editors


Silber Book Cover

Gender and the Sectional Conflict

Nina Silber


Gallagher book cover

Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know About the Civil War

Gary Gallagher


Noll Book Cover

The Civil War as a Theological Crisis

Mark Noll


Neely Book Cover

The Boundaries of American Political Culture in the Civil War Era

Mark E. Neely, Jr.